Marty Northrup

Circle 8s' Caller

Marvin -- Marty -- Northrup first started western square dancing in September 1975 in upstate New York alongside his parents. Marty quickly became fluent in the workings of squares and learned the basic techniques of calling. During the summer of 1976, he attended a 4-day crash course Caller's College at Madison College in Harrisonburg, VA. Using his natural vocal talent (a former all-district choir member), he chose to pursue calling part time.

Marty was soon the talk of the local clubs. He was a sensation in his teenage years and even started his own club in Arkville, NY in 1976 (with the help of his parents Neal and Ina). Into the 80s and 90s, Marty was a dominant force in New York State square dance calling. He was the club caller for multiple groups in the scope of his New York career. In 1999, Marty and his family relocated to Western North Carolina. Marty has been calling for clubs throughout North and South Carolina as well as Georgia ever since. Marty has a goal to call in all of the lower 48 states.

Marty has many stories to tell. Once upon a time he sent a postcard to a family in New Kingston, NY, to have them join his newly formed square dance club. Little did he know that this postcard would not only convince two of his favorite dancers to join, but also would eventually develop these two dancers into in-laws. Marty married the daughter of his favorite dancers, and Marty and Karen were happily together for 28 years until 2011, when Karen lost a battle with cancer. Marty has four children: Megan, Ryan, Kevin, and Katelyn, and two grandchildren, Sarah and Ella.

In February 2017, Marty married yet another square dancer. Suzanne and Marty live in the Charlotte NC area and have recently settled into a home in Clover, SC. No children from this marriage, just a couple of cats, Simba and Martha.

Marty, when not busy doing other things, enjoys woodworking, jewelry-making, sports, and he often boasts about his great pizza recipe. Though much to his dismay, his oldest son (who also conveniently and graciously helps maintain his website) has been praised for a somewhat superior pizza!

Marty & Suzanne

Marty & His Dad Neal